Stripperella  is an adult animated series created by Stan Lee. The lead character is a stripper named Erotica Jones who is secretly the superheroine/secret agent Stripperella. The series was produced by The Firm and Spike Animation Studios. It is rated TV-MA in the United States.

Stripperella's powers include enhanced reflexes and senses, an astonishing intelligence, superhuman strength, jumping extremely high, "sexy" martial arts and "killer" moves. She has twice claimed to be impervious to all temperatures and weather conditions, but this has only been casually tested on screen. She generally has access to a number of Bond-esque, super-technological devices of questionable usefulness. She is also able to use her extravagant blonde hair as an effective parachute.

She has a brother named Chipperella (Jon Cryer), who also happened to be a stripper living the double life as a superhero and secret agent. He was briefly mentioned when Stripperella temporarily lost faith in her crime fighting 

In a humorous anecdote, Stroganoff tells Stripperella that her brother's memory was erased, later being mostly restored except for the word 'quit' which was forever erased from his memory.abilities after having been shrunken by Small Fry. He appears in a flashback as a hunky blonde and is affectionately referred to by Erotica and Chief Stroganoff as "Chip."

Stripperella debuted on Spike TV in the spring of 2003 and lasted one season with 13 episodes. Anderson described it as not being a raunchy show, despite obvious double entendres and topless nudity (which was blurred out when shown on Spike TV).

The animation style changed halfway through the show's run, becoming brighter and revamping the looks of many of the show's major characters. Stripperella, for example, was now drawn with a cowl having larger eyeholes, similar to Batgirl's. Fellow stripper Persephone now had a darker complexion and an accent that inexplicably changed from episode to episode.

In AustraliaStripperella began airing uncensored on SBS TV, starting Monday March 13, 2006 at 21:00 local time (9:00PM), after having previously been restricted to early-morning airings on the Nine Network.

In the United KingdomStripperella is aired uncensored as part of the U.K. incarnation of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swimprogramming block. In Germany, the show aired uncensored on Comedy Central Germany available for all audiences.

In Italy, it's aired on FX Italia, uncensored and unrated; in Latin America is transmitted by MTV Latin America; and in Brazil is transmitted by Multishow.

Comic booksEdit

 Originally there was to have been a promotional Stripperella comic published by Humanoids Publishing (publishers of Métal Hurlant magazine) alongside the animated series,[2] but creative differences between TNN/Spike TV and Pamela Anderson saw it canceled before publication.


Note: What follows is the chronology according to the DVD release. Spike TV aired the episodes out of order. The airdates have not been changed.

# Title Overview Original air date
1 "Beauty and the Obese, Part 1" In the premiere episode, Stripperella must face-off against her first threat, Dr. Cesarean, a plastic surgeon who's injecting beautiful models with deadly implants that make them gain weight and become obese. June 26, 2003
2 "Beauty and the Obese, Part 2" After discovering the villain responsible for turning several supermodels hideously fat, Stripperella learns that one of them has been "booby-trapped" with a bomb disguised as a breast implant. October 2, 2003
3 "Crime Doesn't Pay...Seriously, It Really Doesn't" Stripperella goes up against that low-rate villain, Cheapo, a criminal whose idea of a prime robbery would be knocking over an 89 cent store. July 3, 2003
4 "Everybody Loves Pushy" Stripperella discovers the truth behind the success of Pushy Galore's home shopping networks, which is that Pushy's products have been the product of forced slave labor, genetic maniuplation of animals, and the flesh of her husbands. July 10, 2003
5 "The Wrath of Klinko" Klinko, a copy store master, uses his copy machines to brainwash customers into criminals and carry out his multiple dirty deeds. July 17, 2003
6 "You Only Lick Twice" We're introduced to the evil Queen Clitoris who, from her hidden island hide-out, uses her computer to hold the world hostage as she made various demands, one of which is the sexy Armando. However, it would turn out to be part of her scheme to launch a nuclear winter with her and Armondo as the last two people on Earth. July 24, 2003
7 "The Bridesmaid" After being the bridesmaid and never the bride 226 times, Molly Lumpkin goes on a citywide rampage. Kidnapping grooms from weddings, Lumpkin plans to choose one to marry and kill the rest with a laser engagement ring. Stripperella must stage a fake wedding and risk her very own "Mr. Right". February 12, 2004
8 "Evil Things Come in Small Packages" Small Fry wants to shrink everything down so he can be big and tall. Stripperella runs to ruin his plans but she gets shrunk. The Chief talks to Stripperella and convinces her that being small doesn't matter. So Stripperella goes and wins. Meanwhile Cat, fellow stripper, learns about Erotica's secret double life. The problem is, she keeps getting hit in the head and forgetting it...then learning it again...then getting hit in the head again. Finally, Stripperella returns to normal size, but her breasts are much larger than normal size. Stripperella wants her breasts reduced to normal, and by the next scene, they are, if not a little smaller. February 19, 2004
9 "Eruption Junction, What's Your Function" Someone is kidnapping all the smart kids at high school and it's up to Stripperella (disguised as student "Kathy Teria") to stop the kidnapper. February 26, 2004
10 "The Evil Magicians" Erotica is up for the Stripper of the Year Award in fabulous Las Vegas, but Stripperella has to stop a pair of robbing masked evil magicians. Can Erotica get the award? Will Stripperella foil the crooks in time? And will Kevin ever get his money back? March 4, 2004
11 "Cheapo by the Dozen" Cheapo's back and ready to steal several bars of copper worth at least $16, with the help of Erotica going under the alias Robin Stuff. Meanwhile, Kevin gets into trouble over a misunderstanding in a casino, lands in jail and wins a Hawaiian vacation. March 11, 2004
12 "The Return of the Queen" Queen Clitoris comes again, and this time she wants Stripperella dead! So Clitoris hatches a fiendish plot and lures Stripperella into her lair on a secluded island. Can Stripperella get off... the island in time to save her own life? March 18, 2004
13 "The Curse of the WereBeaver" An asthmatic motorist runs off the road to avoid hitting an animal and slams into a tree. He is bitten by the animal—a glowing werebeaver—and he turns into a giant glowing werebeaver that runs amok, chewing through anything made of wood and terrorizing the population. Stripperella must stop this rampaging werebeaver without violating her ethics on harming cute furry animals. April 1, 2004

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Erotica's workplace Tenderloins features the wishy-washy owner Kevin (voiced by Tom Kenny), swishy bartender Leonard, and dancers Persephone who is promiscuous and switches accents, and naive and good-natured country girl Giselle. The newest member, the antagonistic Kat, gets hired in Tenderloins under false pretenses of being an Amish virgin.
  • The main competition of Tenderloins is SiliCones, a strip club owned by Dirk McMahon (voiced by Vince McMahon) who openly admits his obsession for Erotica to work at his club.
  • Stripperella works for the agency FUGG under Chief Stroganoff. Other recurring FUGG members include technicians Hal and Bernard, and Special Agent 14 (Voiced by Tom Kenny).
  • There are two recurring villains: Cheapo (voiced by Jon Lovitz in his first appearance, and later by Maurice Lamarche doing a flawless impression of Lovitz), the world's cheapest bad guy, and Queen Clitoris (pronounced kli-TOR-is), a woman who lashes out on society for her facial appearance.
  • Reporter Skip Withers (voiced by Tom Kenny) appears when TV news coverage is needed. Weird Al has appeared twice without any lines.