Erotica Jones AKA Stripperella is an extremely attractive, unbearably beautiful and insanely sexy dancer with a literally perfect body. Once, a man caught fire from just being near her hotness. Many people are jealous of Erotica's enormous breasts, probably around an E-cup, especially her coworkers. At the club, more people drool over her than anybody else. On a news interview, a reporter fawned over her lips, breasts, and legs. Erotica said she enjoys her pleasantly revealing outfits. Also, after being shrunk and returned to normal size, her breasts become impossibly bouncy, and about a K-cup (it gets fixed later). One of the oddest things about Erotica Jones is that her breasts often move on their own, without any motion from Erotica. Erotica enjoys wearing extremely revealing outfits to show off her gargantuan features.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Her breasts acts as live lie detectors.
  • Body is impervious to all forms of temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Can use her hair like a parachute.
  • Sexy martial arts
  • Enhanced reflexes, senses, super strength, and incredible intelligence.


  • Hate giant crabs.
  • Has a literal flawless body.
  • Always dream since she was a kid to be a married woman.
  • She shared some similar similarly to Barb Wire (1996), both are play by Pamela Anderson, and are two sexy action women that both worked at a kind of club. But, the difference that Barb owns a night club named the Hammerhead while Erotica is a stripper from Tenderloins.


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Stripperella picture 1

Erotica as a bride

Stripperella picture 2
Stripperella picture 3
Stripperella 3
Stripperella 8
Stripperella 12
Stripperella 17
Stripperella picture 4
Stripperella 18

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